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Our Security & Investigative Services

Top-Quality Security Specialists & Investigators Getting the Job Done!

Our Abilities

Only licensed, bonded, and insured security specialists and investigators work diligently on your case at SDG Global, Inc. All of our security specialists & private investigators come from local police, federal law enforcement, state intelligence, and military intelligence backgrounds. In addition, we recruit talent from many related private service industries such as accounting, computer information systems, new business development, industry analysts, and more. If you need surveillance investigations for a personal matter, or you are a professional legal vetting a juror, you can count on our team of highly-trained specialists.


Physical Security Services

  • Uniformed Armed/Un-Armed Guard Services
  • Marked & Un-Marked Mobile Vehicle Patrols
  • C.C.T.V. & Access Control Design / Consultation / Installation / Maintenance / Repair
  • Burglar Alarm Design / Consultation / Installation / Maintenance / Repair 
  • Fire Alarm Design / Consultation / Installation / Maintenance / Repair 
  • Personal / Executive Bodyguard Protection Details (Armed/Un-Armed)

Private Investigation Services

  • Infidelity, Adultery, Unfaithful, or Cheating
  • Background Check and Investigation
  • Child Custody/Visitation Investigations
  • Divorce Investigations
  • Cohabitation Investigation
  • Unsolved Crime and Cold Case
  • Stalking and Harassment Investigations
  • Paternity Investigations

Find People

  • Find Adopted Child Locate
  • Find Birth Parent Locate
  • Locate Investigations to Find People
  • Missing Persons Investigations
  • Skip Tracing to Find People

Technical Investigations

  • Surveillance
  • Undercover Investigations
  • Undercover and Sting Operations
  • Workplace Investigations
  • Business and Corporate Investigation
  • Litigation and Legal Support
  • Competitive Business Intelligence
  • Due Diligence Investigation
  • Intellectual Property Theft
  • Loss and Theft Investigations
  • Mystery and Secret Shopper Services
  • Workers' Compensation Claims

Forensic Related Investigations

  • Polygraph Testing and Lie Detection
  • Internet Use Investigation
  • Computer Forensic Investigation
  • DNA Investigations and Testing
  • Forensic Surface Drug Testing
  • Forensic Investigation
  • Telecommunications Crime
  • Disclosure of Hidden Assets Nationwide
  • Security Consulting
  • Technical Surveillance Countermeasures

Business to Business Services

  • Vendor Screening
  • Tenant Screening
  • Pre-Employment Screening Division
  • Insurance Fraud and Claims Investigation

International Investigations

  • Murder Investigation — Understanding this time-sensitive event to draw swift and accurate conclusions.
  • Kidnapping and Ransom Investigations — Executing quickly to promote a safe return and quick resolution.
  • Corporate Security — Securing properties and executives during times of unrest within the company, as well as external threats.
  • Personal Security — Performing extensive research and situation analysis and bodyguards to determine your level of threat.
  • Surveillance — Establishing security using the latest technology for debugging and premise monitoring, covert operations, and covert surveillance to determine fraud, sabotage, and intelligence gathering.
  • Locate and Interview Key Witness — Locating, interview videotaping, verifying testimony from a grand jury or earlier trial, preparing the witness for trial.

Domestic Investigations

  • Domestic Surveillance — SDG can establish security using the latest technology for debugging and monitoring, covert surveillance, and bodyguards as well as provide asset searches.
  • Private Investigations — SDG can perform extensive research and situation analysis to determine your level of threat or uncover the activities of a cheating spouse.
  • Domestic Asset Searches — SDG can extract the truth about the financial claims of an individual, spouse, or significant other.

Corporate Investigation

  • Insurance Investigations — Identifying fraud and misrepresented insurance claims to protect the interests of insurance companies.
  • Corporate Security — Securing properties and executives during times of unrest within the company, as well as external threats.
  • Employee Background Checks — Learning about who is working for you is as important as their job functions. Don't be misled.
  • Corporate Asset Searches — Uncovering capital investment history and monetary allocations can help unveil any suspicious activity.

Background Checks

  • Criminal Background Checks — Need to identify the credibility of a witness or expert when trying a case. Or simply interested in learning more about your opposition? Then a detailed criminal background check is ideal.
  • Employee Background Check — When hiring a new employee, it is necessary to learn more about them, other than what you identified in their interviews. Employee background checks should become a standard practice within your organization.
  • Personal Background Checks — Hiring a personal assistant or a nanny? Then you need to identify certain items about that person, which are hard to unveil in a few meetings. Personal background checks today can save a lot of trouble for tomorrow.
  • Online Background Checks — Unsure about the areas your spouse or partner are visiting on the Internet? Don't second-guess someone's online activities by having a detailed online background check performed on their machine.

Civil Investigations

  • Personal Injury Investigations — Finding out the facts involved with personal injury cases greatly assists legal teams when going to trial.
  • Workers Compensation Investigations — Whether working for the individual or the corporation, PDI ensures that the truth is unveiled to prevent fraudulent claim activity.
  • Background Checks — Understanding the people you are dealing with, as well as past activities and criminal records, can determine a lot about their character and credibility.
  • Domestic Surveillance — PDI can establish security using the latest technology for debugging, monitoring, as well as providing asset searches, covert surveillance, and bodyguards.
  • Asset Searches — Uncovering money trails and tracing transactions for revealing all assets of an individual.

Criminal Investigations

  • Computer Forensics — Learn the history of users from dissecting the hard drives of their machines to trace transactions online.
  • Witness Protection — When trying key criminal cases, you want to ensure that your witnesses are kept safe.
  • Locate and Interview Key Witness — Locate, videotape interview, verify testimony from a grand jury or earlier trial, prepare the witness for trial.

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