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Investigative / Security Service(s) Retainer Deposit Options
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Please Note:  A “Retainer” IS NOT the actual cost of the service(s) to be rendered. A “Retainer” is simply the money collected in advance to fund any given Investigation and/or Security assignment. The collection of a “Retainer” is an industry-standard practiced worldwide by all Investigative/Security Firms, as well as all licensed Law Firms. ALL UNUSED PORTIONS OF ANY PROVIDED RETAINER ARE RETURNED TO THE CLIENT IN THE FASHION PROVIDED.

For Example: If a Client provides a $250.00 retainer, and only $50.00 was used to complete the assignment, then the Client is refunded the $200.00 difference upon the conclusion of the case.

For additional information, please don’t hesitate to contact one of our certified Investigative/ Security Professionals at (866) 371-3756, or feel free to email us.